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I Wish Salad Didn’t Make Me Sad: Eating Better

by SweetMidlife

Happy Saturday! Lynne here.

Leslie and I write a lot about our quests to be healthier and such. We have both had our buff days, where we ran a lot, and now life and age and kids and pie have contributed to us not being buff so much. And it’s more than just how we look: we know that extra weight can contribute to all kinds of health issues, like heart problems (which run in our family), and to diabetes. I was actually diagnosed as being pre-diabetic 5 years ago, and with changing the way I eat, and with working out a heck of a lot, I lost weight, and my numbers went down!

So, 5 years later, I now weigh 10 pounds more than I did at the scary time, and although I haven’t been told that I am facing diabetes again, I can’t play around anymore. I am working on what I eat, in both how much I eat, and stopping when I am no longer hungry, but also WHAT I eat. I have been trying to mindfully eat, but what you are getting full on cake, then that’s no good. I am working on moderation, and in really wanting to up my veggie and fruit consumption, and I have been eating some delicious things. Sometimes this takes time, so an easy option would be a nice bagged salad.

Except that salad makes me sad.

I have had yummy salads in my day. And yes, some of those were packed with creamy, fatty, and candied things, and I can’t do that everyday. But candied things are delicious. And I am sorry, but sometimes regularly-billed salad makes me want to order something fried in retaliation.

I know that this sounds silly. And it’s a mind thing, too. But you remember in the early 90’s when everyone was into baked chicken breast because it was healthy? Then after your 100th chicken breast, you wanted to run for KFC? That is how I feel about salads. When I am looking at a menu for something to order, salads just seem, well, restrictive. And not fun when compared to something with cheese on it.  I guess I have developed a mental block. And even when I buy bagged greens for my family, I probably get through one serving of them before I have had enough, and the bag sits there waiting for my husband to come home. So sad. Sad lonely bagged salad.

We’re both sad, I guess.

But I guess this is okay. Salad is not chasing me down and forcing me to eat it. Which would be weird. And I am not being docked on fitness points. I guess it is good to admit that I am not so into it, which is good because it forces me to expand my horizons, because I can’t not eat my fair share of veggies anymore.

So we’re cool, salad.


Any of you have go to veggie side dishes? Please share!


4 Responses to “I Wish Salad Didn’t Make Me Sad: Eating Better”

  1. I’m not a big veggie person either, and even that picture of your spinach made me sad! BBQ grilled veggies on kabobs are decent in summer though, I guess 😉

  2. Oh, my favorite used to be grilled veggies with a mayo/sugar dressing on a toasted bun. We haven’t had it for years since we found out Phillip can’t eat gluten. You want to talk about sad? Try gluten-free bread.

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