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Holiday Traditions, However You Got Them

by SweetMidlife

Hi! It’s Lynne! Haven’t written in many a month. Good to see you. I am so excited that Leslie decided last month to resurrect this blog that we’ve been not updating. Here’s my contribution!

It’s the holiday season, so loop de loop! And dickory dock! And we always forget to hang up our Christmas stockings until the last minute around here, and when we do, we never really put anything in them, and when THAT happens, it’s because I think of something to put in my kid’s stocking at some point, or my mom comes into town and she does it. Well, this year, there are things in it that I know I didn’t put in it, so yay, husband, or whoever random person snuck in here and put things in our stockings. Which would be a whole other problem (but I know it was the husband).

Anyway, as people ask if I am ready for Christmas, or if we are still shopping, my answers are 1. No, 2. Yes, 3. I don’t even know what “ready for Christmas” means, really. Because we all have different traditions, and wants, and plans, and my thought of a complete Christmas looks like other people’s beginnings, because they do way more than me.

And that’s okay.

Because we spend so much time during the year comparing ourselves to other people and the way that they live, and we start wondering if maybe we should be doing all the stuff that they do, and then we get resentful of them when we CANNOT do the things that they do, when they do not live in our wallets or we in theirs. My parents used to always wait until Christmas Eve to get our trees, at first because they were busy, and secondly because they were cheaper that day. and after awhile, it became our tradition to do it that way. They did what worked for them. So all that to say…

…There are so many ways to feel inadequate. Let’s give ourselves a break this holiday season. Do what works best for you. Let other people do what’s best for them. That sounds simple. Yet it is not. Maybe the more we do it, the easier it will get. Happy Holidays, my friends.

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