with Lynne and Leslie

Happy Thanksgiving from your neglectful bloggers!

by SweetMidlife

So…remember us?

Remember us? This is us?

It’s OK if you don’t. It’s been months – six of ’em – since either Lynne or Leslie, the twins who write this here blog, have been heard from here. It’s not that we haven’t been busy. Lynne has her own theater company from which she hopes to change the way kids see civility, one funny, meaningful line at a time. She’s also the worship leader at her church and has a son and husband to hang out with. Leslie wrote a book and has been hitting the road and even the airways getting the word out about grief, recovery and laughing. She also has a kid to keep alive.

But that doesn’t mean we haven’t been sucking here.

When we started this blog nearly a decade ago we were newlyweds in our late 30s who had something to say about how love isn’t about age, and that you don’t have to be young to be starting a new life. And in that decade, so much has changed – we changed the focus from weddings to midlife in general. And then life hit back and we had so many other priorities, including other writing, that we stopped writing here. We even planned to end it.

And then the bill came. As in, we got billed another year for the URL. And we thought “OK. Guess we have to blog again!” Working harder so you don’t waste money? That’s a really great adult lesson at midlife, yes? But it’s not just about the money. It’s that we have more to say. We are wiser – older, a little flabbier and with these interesting lines on our faces. We also have new hair colors. We have more to say. And we’re going to take the time to say it.

So we are back. I promise you’ll hear something from us weekly, even if it’s three words and a cat GIF. We are thankful, today, for our friends and family and anyone who ever took two seconds to care. We are thankful to God for auto payments because they got out lazy butts back to the computer.

And we’re thankful for whatever we’re gonna eat today. Because we like food. And you. Buckle in and bring snacks. It’s gonna be fun.

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