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Happy New Year, from the Brides at 35!

by SweetMidlife

We’re taking a brief break from all the celebrating to tell you our resolutions for this blog. Trust us, you’ll like ’em:

— We resolve to keep telling the stories of brides over the age of 35, and showing all their pretty pictures, and getting their advice on how they did what they did, and how you can, too.

— We resolve to keep finding the best professionals, from the world of fashion, planning, floral, music and more, who can help you have that awesome day you deserve.

— We resolve to keep finding snarky things to say about the way brides over 35 are depicted in movies, TV and pop culture at large.

— We resolve to remain open to suggestion, sweet criticism and gifts of love and cash.

Here’s to a happy 2011 full of pretty flowers, happy dances and the promise that neither love or weddings have an age limit.


Lynne and Leslie

One Response to “Happy New Year, from the Brides at 35!”

  1. Caron says:

    Love it! Brides at 35 are gorgeously funny!

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