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Happy Birthday, Baby

by SweetMidlife

Almost a year ago, I became a mommy when I gave birth to our son.  Everything in my life up to this was preparation for being his mother.  Everything that I have ever learned about patience, about sacrifice, about commitment, about sleep, about selfishness, about selflessness, about faith, about anything.  All of that was shoring me up for where I am now. And it’s a journey.  And I daily get it wrong, and then right, and then keep going. I know that this year has been a whirlwind and a marathon all at the same time.  The first few months both whizzed by and took forever. There have been growing pains, which are good, and heart pain, like losing my dad a month after Alex came, which was awful. I feel like my life is like an accordion, always in motion, squeezing out the music, some of it sweet, some a bit questionable, but all of it ultimately with a beat you can dance to.  Oh, and I have also learned more about love in the last 365 days than I had in the 41 years that came before.  Watching my husband watch our son smiling, and then smiling the same smile back, is amazing.  Seeing the joy that he has brought my family has been wonderful. And just being with him, watching this little person who is whole and complete but growing and full of possibilities as he gobbles up the world around him like he does Cheerios? It’s everything. I am grateful for the privilege that it is to be his mother and to share the same space with him, and I thank God that he chose me to do that.  So grateful.

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  1. Even the short time I was pregnant changed my life for the better. I can only imagine how the breadth and depth of your life has changed since raising your son. Happy 1st birthday to Alexander, and hopefully lots of ice-cream cake!

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