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Getting To Know Youuuuu: Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award

by SweetMidlife

Hi there! We knew Leslie was awesome, but now MORE people know it! She was nominated for a Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award by the awesome Bekah, who writes a blog called “I Prefer My Puns Intended” for being, well. awesome. Here is how it works! Bekah sent Leslie and other bloggers that she recognized 10 questions to answer that lets the blogospher get to know her better, then in turn, Leslie nominates other bloggers that she likes, and asks them 10 different questions, and everybody learns stuff about everybody else and it’s a big old party. 

We won this.

Here are Leslie’s answers to Bekah’s questions (and you can learn more about Bekah here):

1. What is your favorite movie of all time?

I used to review movie full-time, so that’s a loaded and long question. But since you don’t have 30 years, I’ll say “Eight Men Out,” based on the true story of the 1919 Chicago White Sox, who threw the World Series for money. It’s a really great history lesson about greed, desperation, guilt and the very beginnings of American celebrity culture. It’s amazing to think how this same story would play out in the current Internet culture. Are we so cynical that we wouldn’t even care? Also, it features a lot of guys who were, after the film’s release in 1988, about to become pretty famous – Charlie Sheen, John Cusack, D.B. Sweeney, David Strathairn (It’s a really cute cast.)


2. If you could have one job and not have to worry about money, what would it be?

I have it! I get to expound on pop culture and get paid for it, in my job as a writer for the Palm Beach Post in West Palm Beach, Florida. But I would do it for free.


3. Which recent photo helps you remember that you’ve still “got it”? Post that bad boy right here!

This picture, actually, is the source of some controversy. I have written a lot about body image and trying to get my groove back, and have been public with my readers both on our blog and in the newspaper about it. I attended a fancy-schmancy event at Mar-A-Lago, the private club that Donald Trump owns, with a dear friend, and found out that a photo was printed in my paper, which is rare because they don’t usually print staff photos at society events because I am not that important. Anyway, I really liked that photo, the first one in a year I didn’t squint at and go “Eww.” But a reader, who is a kind but nosy busy-body, actually emailed me to tell me that I wasn’t even recognizable, and was I well? That was a punch in the teeth, but our readers and Facebook friends lifted me right back up. (I’m the one on the middle in the pink scarf.)

Britt and me and steve


4. Do you have an author that helps you shape your writing style? Who is it and why?

Oh, wow, great question. Dave Barry! I probably cribbed from him liberally as a young columnist, and actually told him that. He says I owe him money. I owe him for his enthusiasm and humor. He turned goofiness into a Pulitzer.


5. You have an opportunity to spend with any celeb/public figure, alive/dead, who do you choose and why?

Marian Anderson, the late contralto, who was denied the chance to sing at Constitution Hall in D.C. because she was black. But then Eleanor Roosevelt arranged for her to sing on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial. How honored and scared and vulnerable she must have felt! People say celebrities are “brave” for leaving the house without makeup in sweatpants. THIS is bravery.


6. If you were a cartoon character, what would your outfit be? (In other words, if you had to wear one thing for the rest of your life, what would it be?)

Yoga pants, my purple Baltimore Ravens tee and my old lady sandals for my bad arches. And rhinestone earrings, because being comfy doesn’t mean you can’t sparkle.


7. Other than your wedding day/the birth of your children, what was the best day of your life?

Meeting my nephew, Lynne’s boy, who looks just like my dad. He’s my special buddy love, and the most hilarious dude I’ve ever met.


8. Five years ago, where did you’d think you’d be today?

Pretty much where I am now! Married with an awesome kid who lives with us, with a great job still in an industry that isn’t doing awesomely but is trying to recreate itself with a lot of creative people moving mountains to tell a story.


9. Where do you think you’ll be five years from now? Hopefully in a bigger house with at least one more bathroom, in our same community, helping it get funkier and safer and more awesome. And with at least two books written, because I just can’t make myself finish them but have to.


10. What is your take on faith: necessity, commodity, or frivolity? Necessity. Period.



Now, we nominate…

1. Lisha of Lishaepperson.com because she is one of the most soulful writers we know, and one of our blog’s biggest encouragers

2. Pam and Terri of Housewives of Frederick County because they are also identical twins who hail from Maryland. WHAT??

3.  Dean from Mrs. Aok, A Work in Progess, because she is hilarious, and is one of the masterminds behind “That’s What She Said”, a great link-up

4. Jenny at The Unremarkable Files, because we love her take on motherhood!

5.  Arlett at Chasing Joy, because she is open, encouraging and really honest.

Here are Leslie’s questions for them!

1) If you had to eat one thing for the rest of your life, what would it be?

2) Literary or movie character you most identify with and why?

3) What historical or fictional person most inspired your fashion style, either now, or at some other time in your life?

4) What’s the last book you read? Did you enjoy it? Why or why not?

5) Tell about a time where going on faith made a difference, even if the facts of the situation said that might be crazy to do.

6) Reality TV: Guilty pleasure or just guilty…of being awful?

7) Describe a special talent you have (juggling, yodeling, doing tip calculations in your head).

8) Exercise: Pleasure, necessity or evil?

9) What’s your favorite word? (Doesn’t have to be in English)

10) Do you have any good friends either ten years your junior or senior? What have you learned from them?

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