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Five Upsides to Having Dental Work Done

by SweetMidlife

Hi! Lynne here!

We are linking up with the wonderful blogging folks at The Farmer’s Wife and September Farm for a Friday blog party called “Oh, Hey Friday!”.  You write about any five random things and link it up with a bunch of other bloggers and you meet them and stuff and wonderful.

I had a tooth pulled yesterday and I am in pain. Not fun, friends. However, in there with feeling like someone punched you in the gums, there are things you get to do when you have had dental work that make it  little more dealable withable. Yes, I made that up.

1. You get to eat soft things, and for me, that’s comfort food. On the way home from the dentist I was in pain, but that didn’t stop me from stocking up on more yummy things that wouldn’t hurt me.

Like this.

And this.

My son thinks that the tray for our toaster oven is called “Tots”.

2. You get to rent chick flicks that your husband won’t watch and hole yourself up with the pudding and laugh away. Yesterday’s selection was “The Other Woman” with Cameron Diaz and it was dang, dang funny. Bonus that I ran into a friend who works for Redbox, and who gave me a coupon for a free rental. I likes free.

3. People always tell moms of little kids that we should nap when our kids nap, but most of us are like, “Then when will I write/do laundry/clean the bathroom/wash my hair/watch “Project Runway” on Tivo?”  But when you have had oral surgery, you take that nap and YOU LOVE IT.

4. Your husband comes home early from work to take care of you, and hang out with the kid, and makes dinner!! Hooray!!

5. In a nutshell, you get a little break while you take care of yourself like you always should. Good times.

5 Responses to “Five Upsides to Having Dental Work Done”

  1. Cute list! The last time I was sick, my husband brought Sun Chips into the bedroom and I got to eat them as I dozed off. Eating in bed is something I basically never, do, especially when I’m trying to go to sleep. But since I was sick, it was really pretty fun.
    And, Lynne, I LOVE pudding too 🙂 Before I moved last time, I found a 4 pack of pudding and said, “We’d better eat this so that we don’t have to move it.”

  2. savvywrokinggal@gmail.com' Savvy says:

    I enjoyed this. A few months ago I had gum recession surgery, I had planned to go into work the next day, but woke up with a pounding headache. That was a Friday. I went to work the following Monday and even then I still felt exhausted. Sometimes we are forced to take a break whether we like it or not – I spent most of my sick day sleeping, so didn’t get to enjoy it much.

  3. It’s really painful when you get your teeth pull. Having a soft and healthy diet is very important in that situation.

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