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Five reasons off the top of my head to have joy, right now

by SweetMidlife



It’s been a rough weekend. The George Zimmerman verdict was disappointing, if predictable and probably the right thing given the sketchy prosecution. Talented Corey Monteith has died. I may have completely over-pointed on Weight Watchers yesterday, because bread pudding is delicious death.

But I opened my eyes this morning, still healthy and alive, still married to the love of my life. I need to find reasons to be happy right now, and they’re everywhere. Here are five off the top of my head:

– I am not stuck in the “Big Brother” house with those bigoted sobbing mean girls.

– I have a whole season of “The Newsroom” on demand to watch.

– I have brand-new rose gold flats that I got on sale at Nine West for $29.

– I went to church for the first time in months yesterday, and it was awesome.

– We are attending my mother’s graduation for her Masters in nursing at 65!


See! Five reasons against angst, against despair. What five things do you have?

5 Responses to “Five reasons off the top of my head to have joy, right now”

  1. elewis1274@gmail.com' Liz says:

    Lets see 5 things to bring me joy.

    Washed my hair with a bodywash/oil and am still having a good hair day.

    Dad keeps getting better and better everyday.

    I’m alive, and able to change my life and make different choices

    I have a job that I generally enjoy and am pretty good at.

    I get to go home and walk into homemade chilli that dad is making.

    Bonus, I have strong, beautiful wonderful people like Lynne and Leslie to brighten life 🙂

  2. vixn@earthlink.net' Paige says:

    My 5 joyful reasons in double-furlough time?? Hmm, lemme see…
    1. Vino.
    2. SO many friends with boats and pools during this dreadful heatwave.
    3. Fresh local produce and seafood. Yes, I realize that’s two things. I cheat; sue me.
    4. My effortlessly devout, soon-to-be teen. Her patience, generosity, and faith humble me daily and remind me that a little child shall lead them.
    5. My fearless little striker. By the grace of God, I may very well have birthed the next Mia Hamm or Abby Wambach! 🙂

    • bride35 says:

      This is a beautiful, beautiful list. And I am proud to say that I know those two amazing girls AND their wonderful parents.

  3. niknak411@yahoo.com' Best Friend Nikki says:

    Well, I’m a little late to the party, but here are my 5 things:

    1. My Sam…my wonderful and crazily talented husband who brings me joy even when he leaves his socks on the floor.
    2. My Daddy celebrating his 66th birthday a couple of days ago. Every day is a blessing!!
    3. The little ones in my life (nephew, niece, godson) who remind me of why life is good…if somewhat slobbery.
    4. Driving around in my F-150. Who knew?!!
    5. I have to agree with Paige and say “Vino”

  4. dearvixen@gmail.com' catherine gacad says:

    I’m so glad I have your blog to read. Keep writing, I am a loyal fan!

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