with Lynne and Leslie

Five Minute Fridays: Story

by SweetMidlife

Leslie here!


Here’s the story of a girl named Leslie, who was doing some probably naughty thing

As a punishment she stood in the corner

To then reflect on things

Here’s the story of some old wallpaper

with forests, trees and paths that led away

Leslie stared at them and then made up stories

That wiled the time away

Until one day that small girl became a writer

and she knew that it was much more than a clue

That the seeds had started in that corner

Ain’t it funny what imagination do?

Don’t pay a bunch

but buys her lunch

Sometimes whole careers can come through in a crunch


One Response to “Five Minute Fridays: Story”

  1. retaselitto@gmail.com' Reta says:

    Love the whimsy and the fun this morning! How true that when we are left with only ourselves to entertain us that story develops. Great post. Visiting from FMF. 🙂


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