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Five Minute Fridays: Ordinary. Or not. Apologies in advancce

by SweetMidlife

I should look like this all the time.

Leslie here!


I know that the word is “ordinary” but I saw the prompt and suddenly Liz Phair’s “Extraordinary” jumped into my head and then I knew I would be writing about that, and not about being “ordinary.” As my creative muse Shawn Colvin once wisely sang, I’ll say I’m sorry now.

Actually, I’m not sorry, because “extraordinary” is just a version of “ordinary.” It’s from the Latin, meaning, “more” or “turbo,” or “really, really pumped up.” It’s a wonderful word, because it’s so simple – the extraordinary version of you is you, plus more. It’s not somebody else, with someone else’s weight or hair or profession. It’s the extra-pumped version of you, building on the base of your own fabulousness, your own awesome, your already existing cool.

All you need to do to be extraordinary is to gird yourself in your reality, take a big breath, and reach. High. Strong. Away. Be grounded in the you, in the reality, but multiply that. Say “What more can I be and still be me? What rungs of awesome have I not climbed?”

I went to a public event last night, like I do for my job, still wearing really beautiful makeup I had had professionally done at the NARS counter at Lord and Taylor in Boca Raton, and I got so many smiles and hugs, but no one said “You look especially pretty tonight” like they did at work where they know I’m a schlub sometimes.

These people who have seen my face in the paper where I am a columnist just assumed that I look like this all the time, that the ordinary me is the extraordinary me. And why shouldn’t she be?

I am extraordinary, like Liz said.


7 Responses to “Five Minute Fridays: Ordinary. Or not. Apologies in advancce”

  1. “extraordinary” is just a version of “ordinary.” It’s from the Latin, meaning, “more” or “turbo,” or “really, really pumped up.” I LOVE THIS!!! There is nothing simple about the lives we live. We are ordinary or turbo.. Thank you for sharing. Visiting you from Five Minute Friday!

  2. sabrinaajr@gmail.com' Sabrina says:

    Loved the “really, really pumped up” definition. No apology needed for following where the prompt led you. That’s the beauty of FMF. Extraordinary does spice up life, doesn’t it?

    • bride35 says:

      I love these prompts as a writer, who works for a newspaper and just pumps the copy out. This is permission to just let the muse go where she takes me, and it’s awesome! Thanks for stopping by!

  3. ewwmanni@gmail.com' E W Wright says:

    Leslie, your post reveals that being extraordinary is possible and a not complicated process. Thanks.

  4. Ha! Isn’t that funny when we get all dolled up, the people who see us in the day to day usually notice, but to everyone else we just look “ordinary”? Such an interesting take on life. Thank you for sharing these great words. Here’s to climbing the rungs of awesomeness!! ROCK on!

  5. ‘what rungs of awesome have i not climbed.’ that needs to be imprinted on a needlepoint pillow. so quotable!

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