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Five Minute Friday: “View”

by SweetMidlife

Leslie here!


“Meeting you with a view to a kill”…

Almost 30 years later, I know that those Duran Duran lyrics don’t really mean much beyond “We are the richest, most awesome and popular band of the day and we got asked to do the latest James Bond theme, and we’ve got to write the name of the movie into the song. It makes no sense, but then again ‘Union of The Snake’ and ‘The Reflex’ weren’t Shakespeare either, and that check cleared, so….Here’s your song!”

That song was sort of a wake-up for me, in that it was the first time I remember acknowledging that the things I was obsessed with were maybe really ridiculous, and still not caring. There is a 13-year-old girl trait that means that you take everything seriously and I took Duran Duran way seriously, arguing the brilliance of their hair, their global, racy videos and the words that sounded glamorous to me, mostly because they came out the mouths of really hot guys.

But the first time I saw the video of “A View To A Kill,” where the band members were gleefully, cheesily running around the Eiffel Tower fake-chasing Roger Moore and Grace Jones around like they were in the movie, my competing thoughts were “They’re so hot!” and “This is really kinda stupid.” And I thought “Wait, I think something Duran Duran did is stupid? Do I still like them?”

And then I thought “It’s OK to like stupid stuff. And I don’t have to justify it. I can just like it.”

That’s a view to learn from.



9 Responses to “Five Minute Friday: “View””

  1. elizabeth@heironimus.com' Elizabeth says:

    “A view to learn from.” I need to remember that. Don’t we all have them?
    Thank you for writing today!

  2. Ha! This is great. It’s that stupid stuff that gives us some of our greatest memories. (I’m thinking of a Duran Duran themed birthday party here.) Thanks for sharing today.

  3. aliranger29@yahoo.com' Ali C. says:

    I love this lighthearted look at the word of the week. I take myself waaaay too seriously a lot of the time, so it’s a good reminder to loosen up a bit, dang it! 🙂

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