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Five Minute Friday: Song

by SweetMidlife

Lynne here. This is this week’s entry for “Five Minute Friday”, a neat thing where bloggers write for 5 minutes straight on one word. This week, the word was “song”.


“With a smile and a song”….. That’s a song from, I believe, the Disney “Snow White” cartoon.  I had that song in my head a few years ago when I started my own singing telegram business called “A Song and a Smile” so I wouldn’t get sued by Mickey Mouse. It was a lot of fun. I mostly did them over the phone, and usually at peak times like Mothers Day or Valentine’s Day. I only did it for a few years. I did some in person  which was cool, but I started getting phone calls to do them for people I didn’t know, and I didn’t think that me going to a fire house to serenade folks by myself sounded smart. Could have been nice guys. Or a set-up. But anyhoo, the best part was that people love to be sung to. Most people. But there is joy in knowing that someone couldn’t find the words themselves, or did find them, but wanted to share their love for you through my voice. It is a blessing to be a part of an intimate moment like that, be it for your Grandma or boyfriend or whoever. Songs can say things better than mere words can. And it was awesome to get to experience that. I did them this past Mother’s Day for free, just for fun, and it brought all of that back. Good stuff.

3 Responses to “Five Minute Friday: Song”

  1. lindastoll@juno.com' Linda Stoll says:

    Keep on sharing, girl … keep on sharing!

  2. rmsboni77@gmail.com' BoniLady says:

    I think that doing the singing telegram thing is pretty cool! I remember in high school, our choir broke up into small groups on Valentines Day to deliver singing telegrams to students! I had SO MUCH fun doing that every year! It makes people smile… and I love that!

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