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Feeling awesome Friday: Jimmy Cliff’s bright sunshiney day

by SweetMidlife


I had the honor of interviewing Mr. Jimmy Cliff, who I first became aware of at the age of 13 when I saw one of his videos on this ’80s PBS show called “Colorsounds.” Since then I have become an admirer of his music, his acting (“The Harder They Come”) and of his activism.

He’s appearing locally at the annual SunFest festival in West Palm, and gifted me with the most gracious and funny interview I’ve had in some time today. The song above is not the greatest thing he ever did – it’s great but there are others – and it makes me happy. So there.


3 Responses to “Feeling awesome Friday: Jimmy Cliff’s bright sunshiney day”

  1. monjawessel@gmail.com' Monja says:

    I just LOVE this song – so much power involved. Thanks for the reminder, I totally enjoyed watching it. Although I had to look for another version on YouTube as I’m from Germany and the country seems not to have the rights to play it. Ah well. Great blog btw!

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