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Enjoyable: New Socks!

by SweetMidlife

This is the latest in “Enjoyable”, a series of posts that shines the spotlight on life’s ordinary joys.

Lynne here! Happy Ho,Ho, Ho to you.

Every year, my Grandma James gives her kids and grandkids the same themed gifts, and it’s always something that we need. One year, everybody got pajamas.  And yesterday, I opened up my gift (wrapped by my Aunt Timmae), and inside it were 6 pairs of trouser socks.  Lovely trouser socks.  I LOVE new socks.  They feel good, and they are pre-snag, pre-fuzz, pre-run-in-them, and most importantly, there are 2 of them.  Before one escapes through the holes in the dryer and goes off to Single Sock Land. I am sure it exists. Stop laughing. New socks hold the promise that, at least for a little bit, I will do my job to keep them together, and this means that I will be able to find a pair of matching ones as soon as I open the drawer.  No more searching for the other one, and no more holding up socks that almost match and deciding that I can get away with earing them because I am wearing long pants. Not that I have done that. No, I totally have.  Anyhoo, new socks are wonderful, and a bit luxurious, and my Grandma rocks. That is all.

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  1. kromaine@fastmail.fm' Jill says:

    Yes, and again YES!! New socks do indeed rock! Bought some HUE trouser socks: soft, cushiony delight!

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