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Dishwashers Full of Clean Dishes Mean Opportunity. Go With Me on This.

by SweetMidlife
Put them away and eat already.

Put them away and eat already.

Happy Monday! Lynne here.  I want to be honest and say that I have written blog posts like the one I am about to write before, but since this is an ongoing theme in my life, I am gonna continue to talk about it, until I figure it out. Which might happen one day.

Yesterday morning, our family spent the morning at home, and my husband made waffles and fried apples and everyone was happy. I decided to contribute while all of the breakfast-making was happening by moving dirty dishes towards the sink, but then I opened the dishwasher and realized that it hadn’t been run yet. And that made me feel happy. Giddy, actually. This is because something about a dishwasher of unclean dishes makes me feel free, because it means that I still have time to dirty stuff up without having to work. Because a dishwasher full of clean dishes means having to put them away. Dirty dishes means delay. And this appeals to me.

I love putting things off. I do. Oh, I am aces at researching, and figuring out what I am going to do, and where we can go on vacation, and in looking up recipes, and looking up blogging themes, and grant opportunities. I am good at seeing what is out there, and planning. But I am not often as good at the follow-through. At the actual doing. I am getting better at this. But when I am not,  that leads to lots of bookmarked web pages and placed calls, and looking forward to things, but no actual forward movement. That means stagnation. And dirty dishes. Real life happens in the places in between. When you have actually written and cooked and actually have dishes to eat off of, and you aren’t using spoons where you need a fork because none of your forks are clean.

So, today, I am going to cut back on some of the dreaming and the planning, and actually continue with the finishing of stuff. Because I owe it to myself to actually use the chances and time that I have been given and not let it go to waste. And so do you. And because it’s almost lunch time, and I can’t just eat straight off the table.

What are you putting off that you need to do? Tell us below!

10 Responses to “Dishwashers Full of Clean Dishes Mean Opportunity. Go With Me on This.”

  1. angiehaube@gmail.com' Angie Haube says:

    Yeah…I’m a huge procrastinator…and a BIG dreamer, too! Right there with ya on this one, Lynne…right there! 🙂

  2. meganelford@gmail.com' Megan Elford says:

    I love this! I’ve got lots of mostly-done projects waiting for the finishing touches that I’ve just kind of given up on. This should be my motivation to get on those projects today! … or maybe tomorrow …

  3. cinderstewart@yahoo.com' Cindy Stewart says:

    Preach it, sister. I am right there with you. Know what else is awesome…the dryer when the clothes didn’t all get dry and you get to just reset the dial and let it go longer instead of taking them out and hanging them up…or folding them. Ahhh…bliss!

  4. jamie@lifeissweeterbydesign.com' Jamie says:

    I could write a book about the things I am putting off! 🙂

  5. Mrs.aok05@gmail.com' Mrs. AOK says:

    I’m trying real hard NOT to procrastinate this year. *Trying*

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