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Date Night!: It’s not just a movie anymore!

by SweetMidlife


We're divided on the movie, but united as fans on the concept.

Leslie here! Lynne and I have almost the same taste in everything, except for husbands and cheese (she can’t stand American cheese, to the point of nuttiness), but apparently not some movies. She loved “Date Night,” the Tina Fey/Steve Carell/Mark Wahlberg’s chest romcom/adventure/extended NBC sitcom episode, and I…did not. It was cute, but it rambled. And then Wahlberg kept putting his shirt back on.

The thing we do agree on, however, is the concept, that date nights are a fine, fine idea for married or longterm couples. You want to continuously feel like you’re still special, romantic and fresh in each others eyes. I still call my husband my boyfriend when we’re hand in hand walking through some fancy dinner, or dancing. And Lynne and AC like little getaways as well. I spend so much time out for my job that staying in eating nachos is special, and I count that as a date night too!

And we’re not alone- the Date Night Challenge, taking place nationally, asks couples to commit to a series of dates out of the house, before Valentine’s Day. We want to know – how important is date night to you? And what are your favorites?

2 Responses to “Date Night!: It’s not just a movie anymore!”

  1. tena_the_queena@yahoo.com' Tena Jackson-Quesada says:

    Doc and I love the movies. we are real movie geeks and like indie, drama, cine noir, action movies that have a good storyline, pretty much anything but romantic comedies or movies that involve talking animals. Afterwards, we choose one of our many favorite places to eat (sometimes we even try a new place) and over a leisurely dinner, we discuss the actors, directors, cinematography, use of the soundtrack and lighting…other times we talk about mundane stuff…When we’re short on $$$ we send J to his grandparents for the night and I cook while Doc picks a movie to watch at home. It isn’t so much the movie, or the food…it’s the company. Doc and I honestly enjoy the precious time we get to spend together because we both work so much. It’s hard to believe, after almost 2 decades of wedded bliss, we never run out of things to talk about…I hope we never do. The love, attraction (he’s SUCH a hottie) and mutual respect and admiration we have for one another grows and grows. 🙂

    • bride35 says:

      Tena, that is good stuff indeed! And so awesome that after your years together, you are still so close. My inspiration!!

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