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Dance On!

by SweetMidlife


 Lynne here. Welcome to everyone who discovered us yesterday when we were featured on The SITS Girls site! Happy Blogging to you, and we are so excited to read your stuff, too.

So, I am a fan of “Dancing With the Stars”. When it first started, it was so exciting to see celebrities who were known for singing or acting or sportscasting or known for SOMETHING go out and try to do something they didn’t know they could do. It was inspiring to see people grow from week 1 to whatever week they made it to, and as someone who wishes that she could dance much better than she does, it was cool to see people get paid to learn. And to succeed. And because people don’t want to watch a full hour of what could be less than good dancing, some of the celebrities featured have had a dance background, some as skaters, or cheerleaders, and some as, um, dancers. And while it is beautiful to watch them perform, I can’t get as excited about them as I do about the people who start kind of meh, but try really hard, and gain this confidence, and actually rock. This year, my two favorites are Andy Dick, an actor and comedian who is newly sober and really trying to live life, and Ingo Rademacher, a soap star and dang fine-looking individual. Ingo had never danced, but has this really, really beautiful vulnerability, AND is pretty good. And so earnest. And Andy isn’t as good a dancer, but he is really connected, committed, and just a joy to watch. Dude makes me cry. It is really uplifting to watch people put themselves out there like that, in a forum where they know they will be judged, literally. Comedian DL Hughley, who my sister thinks is adorable, also was not a good dancer, but made himself vulnerable, when he has a career doing other stuff.

So I was a little annoyed when this week, the stars and their partners were paired with 2 professional dancers who danced alongside them, then the pros exited, and it was the celeb/pro pair left. And of course, those who had dance training or are, well, dancers, fared better than those just learning this. Which the judges pointed out. And to which I screamed, “Of course they don’t look as good as the dancers. Because they are learning”. FAIL, DWTS. See, if you just want to have people who can already dance on your show, then change the format. But why invite people with varying abilities to your show then shame them into not being as good as pros? It almost beats the try out of you. I sat on a webinar yesterday about the benefits of exposing creative expression in pre-schoolers, and one of the things that was shared is that kids who are encouraged early to use their creativity can deal with stress better, use their whole brain, and are more confident. Those without this encouragement usually become defeated about their arts capabilities in elementary school. I feel the same about adults. Is there an age where you should stop trying? I will never dance like Paula Abdul or JLo, but you can believe if someone was paying me to learn to dance as my job, I would be working that out. With everything that I have. So while I have no illusion that Andy Dick is the best dancer on Dancing with the Stars this year, I think that he would be the perfect winner if this is about getting better. Here’s to the beauty of making yourself vulnerable and getting out there.

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  1. I have never seen Dancing with the Stars, but I do know some of my favorite celebrities have been featured on it! I hear so many good things about it. Maybe I should tune into it sometime!!
    Visiting from SITS.

  2. staciebra@comcast.net' Stacie says:

    Happy SITS Day ladies! Hope you enjoyed your special day!

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