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Cook YOUR Food, or Being the You You Were Meant To Be

by SweetMidlife

(This is Lynne writing this)

“God sure is funny in how He uses things in our lives. Even slightly inappropriate comedies.”- My friend Kim

We just watched the movie “Chef”, written, directed and starring Jon Favreau, who directed the “Iron Man” movies, and also “Swingers”, and he was totally the loud roommate in “Rudy”. Stop and cry at the memory of that movie. Rudy, Rudy, Rudy!! You back? Cool.

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But anyway, I had heard amazing things about this picture, “Chef”, and almost didn’t see it because it was rated “R” for language, and excessive profanity makes me itch. ┬áBut I had heard REALLY good things, so we got it from Redbox and I am glad that I did, because it was a beautiful story of redemption and knowing yourself, and when I posted about it on Facebook yesterday and how it had touched me, my friend Kim, who saw the movie and had the same reaction, said the above brilliant thing.

The movie is about this chef (which you probably figured), played by Favreau, who was, at one time, a promising new culinary voice in Los Angeles. He had amazing skills, but also creative ideas. When the movie opens, though, he is in a bit of a rut. He is the executive chef at a well-respected and popular restaurant, but he feels no passion about the food he is cooking. Every time he wants to try something daring, the owner of the place (played by Dustin Hoffman) tells him to stick to the regular menu, to what is popular, to what people seem to like. But his apathy for what he is doing shows in what he puts on the plate. OKAY, SPOILER ALERT (but I will try not to give too much away): he winds up going through some stuff, but finds himself and his passion, and towards the end of the movie, his biggest critic (who is actually a food critic) tells him that the problem was that he had been cooking someone else’s food. And that now that he was cooking from his heart, his passion was coming through in what he made.

And this really struck a nerve with me. I am busy. I do a lot of stuff. I look at my calendar, and I see lots of words, that make up the lots of things that I have to do. I am not passionate about all of these things. Life is like that sometimes. It isn’t all a party, and everything that we do isn’t going to cause us to break out into a dance in the middle of the street. I would like to see that. But what I am saying is that life isn’t always about what makes us happy.

But if you (or I) look at your calendar, and the things on it make us sad, or make our souls feel like heavy and dying, then maybe we shouldn’t be doing those things. I am not telling you to quit your job and dedicate yourself to watching “The Young and the Restless” every day. Unless you are independently wealthy, or you found a way for that to pay you, then this is a bad idea. ┬áBut I am saying that if you look at your job, or the clubs you belong to, the things that take up most of your time, and you feel nothing for them, then maybe it’s time for a change. If you are sure that God has you where you are, it could be that you need to pray for that spark you used to have to be reignited. I truly believe that if God has called you to something, be it your job, your marriage or your volunteer work, that He will give you what you need to have you stay there and rock that thing, because it is for His glory, and hopefully, eventually, will bring you some joy, too.

But maybe you don’t feel a divine calling to be where you are, and you have no passion or joy for the things you do. And you know that you don’t because you’ve felt passion and creativity before, and this ain’t it. Maybe you took your eyes off of where you started, or maybe you followed the money, or you didn’t, or maybe you are where you are because you are afraid of disappointing people, and this has been working for awhile, so you stayed where you are. But you don’t know who YOU are anymore.

Maybe you are living someone else’s dream. Maybe you have been cooking someone else’s food.

This is my prayer for you. That you look at where you are. And that if you decide that your passion, your gifts, your calling, aren’t being used, or should be directed somewhere else, that you figure out where that is, and you begin the process of moving those gifts there.

Life is long, and hard. But it is full of beauty. And joy, and love. And when you are using what you have been given, and you are singing the song that only you can sing, and cooking the food that only you can cook, and serving the way that only you can serve, well, amazing things happen. And that’s the point.

Do you. And see what happens.

8 Responses to “Cook YOUR Food, or Being the You You Were Meant To Be”

  1. Triciathegoodmama@gmail.com' Tricia says:

    I loved this movie!! It was so funny and it had a great message. It also made me really hungry. Haha. I loved your thoughts on it.

  2. mrs.aok05@gmail.com' Mrs. AOK says:

    I’ve been wanting to see this movie, and now I think I’m hitting up the Redbox… tonight!
    I’m all for doing things that make you happy. I always preach happines, but noticed I needed to follow my own advice, I did it, and guess what… I’m happy!
    I’m still chasing down dreams, happily.

  3. This is an awesome way to remind us to check our priorities. I haven’t heard if this movie, but I may have to check it out. A little over a year ago I declared sabbatical from a lot of “good” things in my life. All that goodness had sucked the joy right out of my offering of my time and gifts back to God.

    It was one of the hardest decisions I’ve ever had to make. Even harder to stick to. And the way my feelings have been hurt during the first several steps of the process…wow.

    However, my joy is starting to bubble up. I’m learning to trust. That’s slow. And super scary. I started blogging my process, but I had to let it go for a while. It’s hard to move forward when we’re still living in the past.

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