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Confessions of the Crafty-Challenged. This Might Be a Series. We’ll See.

by SweetMidlife

Lynne here!

Smiling. Wish I had pics of some craft project I’ve completed but I don’t have either of them anymore.

I am a wanna-be crafter. I love looking at pictures of cool things that people make, and I like TV shows where they suggest clever projects that produce stuff that’s unique and personal and whatnot. The problem is:

– I have a very short attention span, which doesn’t work for projects that take awhile

– I am not the neatest person with scissors and drawing and stuff. Seriously, drawing inside the lines is an accomplishment. Don’t hate.

That is not to say that I haven’t completed projects. In the 90’s, when people were embellishing jeans, I bought some ribbon and a pair of jeans from a thrift shop, and trimmed the ankles. I actually got compliments from strangers! So that kinda tided me over until like 2004, when I repainted the table and chairs that a friend handed down and actually decoupaged a giant sunflower on the table! And I reupholstered some of the chairs.  Yeah, didn’t quite finish the whole set of 6. But I had enough to sit on. So there that went.

Fast-forward to now.  I like big calendars, and I bought one last year at Paper Source and put it up in our kitchen.

My husband kept asking if I could do something to make it look better, and not like a big calendar stuck in our kitchen. Project Frame the Calendar didn’t happen for 2012, but I am hopeful for 2013. Still haven’t bought a new one yet, and I am writing dates for this year so far in the margin of the December 2012 page BUT I found something really cool for this year. I saw THIS:


It’s a calendar that you make yourself with a picture frame and paint chips from the paint store!! Then you use a dry erase marker to put in your dates!! And you can do what you want with it and put in colors you want! And no wasted paper! And I am totally gonna do it! I actually went to Home Depot today and got the paint chips. I even Googled “paint chip craft etiquette” and found out that not all paint stores like you swiping like 35 samples when you are not buying paint or painting a room, even. The people at the store I went to were all like “They’re free. Take them” when I offered to buy some.

So with a clear conscious, confident that I am not thieving paint chips from prospective painters, I am actually planning to do this! Next, I need to buy the frame, and I plan to do this before the end of the week. My plan is to be done this by the end of the month.  I am running out of margin space on that last 2012 calendar page. I will check in and tell you how it’s going!!

16 Responses to “Confessions of the Crafty-Challenged. This Might Be a Series. We’ll See.”

  1. sam@madebysam.com' Sam says:

    See, you’re going at it all wrong. FIRST, you accumulate a metric ton of crafty things that you could make any of a hundred things out of. Then, when your mate gets *that* look in their eye, your adrenalin/fear motivates you to make things at record speed!
    Well, that’s how *I* do it…

  2. I painted our bedroom over Christmas and haven’t found (made) the time to clean off the ceiling. I tiled the mirror and need to have one tile cut, but have no need to drive to Home Depot. You are not alone! I am making this calendar and we’ll have to share the finished project with one another.


  3. Turner411@gmail.com' Best Friend Nikki says:

    Sigh…if that calendar isn’t done by the time I visit in June, I’m dragging you…er…accompanying you to the store and we’ll do it together!

  4. kristiina@typicalhousecat.com' Kristiina says:

    Cute! Can’t wait to see your version.

  5. kromaine@fastmail.fm' Jill says:


    Sounds interesting. Are you done yet? BTW, love your “not thieving” tag…

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