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Confessions of the Craftily Challenged: Summer Drama Camp Edition

by SweetMidlife

Lynne here!

So, it’s taken me about a month to write this post, because really, summer keeps happening.  But I have written before of my love of crafty things but my problem in executing and finishing them here, here and also here. The last time we talked about this, internet friends, I had finished the calendar proect I had been working on.  And it has been really helpful, and I was rolling along on my kinda crafty laurels. Then summer came. I taught a week of drama camp, which is what I do, being a teaching artist and all. Done this sort of class before, and I felt good as I sat down to prepare my lessons. Then I reread the class description, and I saw that there was supposed to be visual arts stuff. WHAT?? I taught a camp a few years ago that had a craft piece to it, but that theater’s education person was ther to help me. By myself,  I panicked a bit, and envisioned a week of, “Today is Jungle Day! Draw a jungle! Today is Pirate Day! Umm, draw a pirate!”, because crayons and construction paper was all I thought I could muster. But then I remembered! There’s a Google!! And Google led me to some really, really cute crafts that even I could do! Wanna see???

First, for Jungle Day, where we read stories and played drama games about animals, I found this!! You make the Vulcan “live long and prosper” sign with your hand, you put your hand on a piece of paper, you trace it, you color it in, you add a googly eye, and you get this……

Isn’t that cute?? The kids loved it!! So armed with the bag of googly eyes I bought, I Googled  more (ooh, googly eyes! Google!! funny.), and I came prepared for Sea day with this!

It’s a paper plate, and you cut out a mouth, staple the cut piece to the back, draw some scales, add an eye, and you have a fish!! Hooray!! I found that one here. And it was a hit.

So see, even craftily-challenged people such as myself can make crafts that don’t look tragic and that don’t make kids don’t laugh at you. They laugh WITH you. I like it. Thank you.

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  1. I am constantly amazed at how clever the crafty folks are. For the rest of us, thank goodness for Google!

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