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Cold Turkey on the Cable. I’m Scurred, Y’all.

by SweetMidlife

Howdy. Lynne here.

At the end of this month, my family and I are joining the ranks of those thrifty folk who are cutting down on expenses by canceling cable and getting their television entertainment from an antennae for live network TV, and streaming services like Hulu and Netflix for everything else. And it’s making me nervous. Then I feel ridiculous about being nervous about it.

Because it’s just television, right?

I will say right now that I realize that this is like a fake problem: there are people who can’t afford a television, let alone cable,  and I know that we are blessed to even have this option. And we are doing this whole thing anyway to strengthen our budget and to not pay for channels that we aren’t watching. Plus, we spend too much time, and by “we” I mean “I”, on flipping stations just to watch just ANYTHING to fight off boredom, when I could be writing, or talking to friends. But I have found some really amazing things I never would have seen if I hadn’t been flipping, like a concert by the band OneRepublic, who I didn’t realize, until that moment, sing all of the songs you have ever heard ever in the world. And I liked it. I felt like it was a discovery. It was like when we first got cable in 1987 and watched “Vision Quest” like 10 times in a row just because we could. Matthew Modine! Madonna singing “Crazy For You”! Lots of curly perms. It was a feast for the senses. Ahh.

And when we got Netflix last month, I actually reminded myself of that, because I spent hours searching for non-threatening movies about pretty people falling in love where hopefully no one died, because I needed some happy, and I so want to tell you about this one movie I watched half of before I realized that the very beautiful character played by a very beautiful male actor that I like a lot was probably going to die because everyone was too happy and he had vengeful family members who never settled their score with him from 20 years earlier, so I went on Wikipedia and spoiled myself, and I got rid of that madness from my life. I won’t tell you what movie it was because you might want to see it but write me in the comment section if you want to know. Because seriously.

Wait, where was I? Hey, that actually shows you that it doesn’t matter from what buffet of televised entertainment you feast: you can still spend too much time gorging on it. I don’t feel bad about the fact that I love TV. I don’t. Nope. Love it. It’s a great release of energy, and a great escape. But if I don’t watch it, and all I do IS watch IT, then I am missing out on a bunch of other stuff, like eating and writing and working on my business and also talking to my child and husband, who are here somewhere.

So, in a few days, I will say goodbye to the 4 hour block of “Diagnosis Murder” reruns that comes on the Hallmark Mysteries and Movies network every weekday afternoon, and I love you Dick Van Dyke and Dr. Jesse Travis, played by Charlie Schlatter, who actually favorited a Tweet I wrote about my love for that show, and I will be missing all of the 65 new Christmas movies on Hallmark Channel that are filmed in Canada in June but are supposed to be in Wisconsin in December but nobody is wearing a coat, and I won’t see what my DVR recorded every night as a suggestion based on what we watch regularly. And it’s usually a lot of Law and Order, Caillou episodes, Japanese cartoons, and shows on HGTV where people fix-up their houses.

And that’s okay!

Because I will get to still watch many of the shows that I watch and love on Hulu and such and be actually proactive about what I watch, and I will still get to make discoveries of new things that I haven’t watched yet. Because it’s still up to me to regulate how much getaway time I have, so that cleaning my house and talking to people isn’t the getaway time from my TV watching. And we will save money.

Okay. I feel better now. Okay, gotta finish up so I can get other stuff done today so I can clean my living room when “Diagnosis Murder” comes on today, so I can clean and watch. It will be okay.

So how about you guys? How many of you have given up cable to go the streaming route for your television? Have any of you done it and gone back to cable?

I will survive. Hey, hey.

I will survive. Hey, hey.

8 Responses to “Cold Turkey on the Cable. I’m Scurred, Y’all.”

  1. tena_the_queena@yahoo.com' Tena Jackson says:

    Loca!!! Loca!!!! Loca!!! That’s exactly what I would be if I didn’t have Cable. Watching national tv down here in paradise is a punishment worse than death. No way José. I am able to watch CBS and ABC (NBC threw a hissy fit because Latin America wasn’t paying them enough, so they pulled out of Central and South America) and those two channels alone keep me in touch with all things ‘Murican. I salute you and shake your hand in congratulations.

  2. SweetMidlife says:

    I heart you. I was feeling a little sad about it! I have to retrain my brain.
    SweetMidlife recently posted…Cold Turkey on the Cable. I’m Scurred, Y’all.My Profile

  3. turner411@gmail.com' Best Friend Nikki says:

    I may consider ditching cable. At least, I will consider it after football season is over.

    What movie was it?

  4. eleanorjbeard@hotmail.com' El says:

    Oh my word. My hubby and I just talked about cancelling cable yesterday and I’ve been freaking out because of it. I just can’t do it! I need to see those cheesy feel-good Hallmark Christmas movies! And how would I watch Monday and Thursday night football?? I’m getting heart palpitations just thinking about it.

    • SweetMidlife says:

      RIGHT?? RIGHT?? How will I live without knowing if Candace Cameron-Bure’ will fall in love with whatever dude on whatever Hallmark movie? I am not being sarcastic. I am going through pre-withdrawal. Sigh. I will figure it out. Watch for both of us, El!!

  5. You’ll find a new thing to do when you get bored. Probably surfing YouTube looking for something dumb to watch – that’s what I do and we don’t have a TV. 🙂
    Jenny @ Unremarkable Files recently posted…7 Quick Takes about Not-So-Educational Song Lyrics, The Origin of the Hamburger, and How Not to Bargain for Animal CrackersMy Profile

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