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Resolutions, Pt.2

by SweetMidlife

Hi! It’s Lynne.

So Leslie shared her resolutions for 2012, and I wanted to add mine. As I started listing them out in my head, what I realized is that most of them boiled down to a basic principle: getting rid of yuckiness.  Life is too short to spend with people or things or food that upset you.  We encounter enough unpleasantness in our days that we can’t avoid (the boss you really don’t respect at the job you can’t afford to quit, traffic, bran. Only slightly kidding about the last one), so why should we deal with it in our off-hours? So, I resolve to….

  • Stop watching TV shows with characters that make me want to throw things at the screen, foam at the mouth or that bore me.  I lurve TV, but there are some shows that I have had to let go, including most of the Real Housewives series and The Braxtons, because even though I might like them in real life, I don’t like them on the show, and giving them my 60 minutes is like going to a party full of insufferable people. I also think that I have given up on “Grimm”. Liked it, but can’t stay into it, so I think it has to go.
  • Stop watching things that vex my soul. I love true crime stories on the ID:Investigation Discovery station, especially when they get the bad guy and you see them in jail at the end.  But over the years, several dear friends of mine have gone through things that COULD be featured on these shows, and I start to think about how they and their families have been judged by outsiders who only know parts of their stories, and I start to think that we really need to watch how we view other people’s misery as entertainment that we can simply turn off when the show is over in an hour.
  • On that note, I am also gonna stop reading things that do nothing but make me want to punch people.  To go with my TV habit, I also read a lot ABOUT TV in the Internet.  For example, if I am excited about who got kicked off on a reality show the night before, I will read comments on websites like EW.com and Televisionwithoutpity.com to see if other people agree with me.  And sometimes they do and sometimes they don’t, which is fine.  but what happens often is that people turn what they think about that singer or dancer or chef into personal diatribes about that person’s weight, or ethnic background, or sexuality, and it just becomes about people either trying to find a place to release all of their ugliness, or it becomes a place where people only say things to get a rise out of people.  Whatever the reason, it’s bad, and I find myself upset, when I could just stop reading.  I think that I want people to validate my reasons for liking a certain singer on a show, or for me being upset that this person said that to the other person, and that’s why I look for like-minded people.  But that’s not worth me getting upset over a comment that someone took too far.  And if you liked that singer that got eliminated and no one else does? That’s alright! You don’t need other people to define what YOU like for you. You already know.

Like I said earlier, you WILL encounter some unpleasant things and people in your life, and have to deal with things you don’t always want to. So this is my last resolution…

  • When I can’t avoid yuckiness, and I will try to counteract it with my raygun full of anti-yuck, and try to handle it with a good outlook, patience, and, when nothing else works, knowing when to speak and when not to and the effects that has on the situation.  Let go and let God, the old folks say.

I am sure that you have your own personal list of yuck and yuck-removers, and I hope that you will resolve to have the most pleasant, happiest, love-spreading year you can, as you spread love to other people. Which sometimes we can only do if we first surround OURSELVES, inside and out with good things.  Happy New Year!

Bride at 35 Challenge New Year’s resolutions: What are yours?

by SweetMidlife

Leslie here! I’ve been on vacation all week, which has given me some time to catch up on movies and TV I haven’t seen – “The Adjustment Bureau!” Who knew? – and think a lot about things I need to do better next year. Some of those things are obvious – this gut, and not sleeping in my makeup – and others are things I don’t always think about because I don’t have the time. But I’m on it now. Here are a few things I’m dedicated to being concerned with in 2012. Of course, resolutions get broken all the time. But I want to be a better wife, daughter, friend, employee and caretaker of my body.

So I promise, publicly, to be about these things. And I want accountability! How about you?

I resolve to:

– Not use my job as a professional eater and drinker as an excuse to be fat. I can eat healthily, and stick to my workouts, on those days I’m not work-sipping.

– To get regular facials. I have great genes, and everyone in my family looks like they’ve got ugly old photos hanging in their closets, because they’re 10 years older than their skin. But I can’t take that for granted. Can’t be the only Hagatha in my family!

– To stop over-scheduling. One of the reasons my life is so hectic is because I overbook myself, and because I forget that I did and then try to make everything. Pastor David Pinckney once told me that it’s Godly to say “no.” God doesn’t want you stressed and crazy, and certainly not in his name. Can’t argue with that.

– To shut up sometime. Ever have one of those conversations with your significant other where you can mentally see the giant Stop sign floating in your head, telling you to let whatever they just said go and walk away? Me too! But I can’t drive 55, and I can’t stop that tongue from flapping! And then it just gets stupid. I can’t control every misunderstanding. But I certainly can take a beat, and I can stop myself from proving I’m right all the time. Even if I am. Which I am. Ha ha.

– To call my grandmother every other day. This is a no-brainer.

– To not leave dishes in the sink.

– To put my shoes away so I’m not tripping over them, and to put my laundry away as soon as it’s folded.

– To finally schedule that dinner with my pastor, who is busier than me!

– To get serious about saving.

I’m sure I have more. But that’s what I feel is important right now. How about you?

Happy New Year, from the Brides at 35!

by SweetMidlife

We’re taking a brief break from all the celebrating to tell you our resolutions for this blog. Trust us, you’ll like ’em:

— We resolve to keep telling the stories of brides over the age of 35, and showing all their pretty pictures, and getting their advice on how they did what they did, and how you can, too.

— We resolve to keep finding the best professionals, from the world of fashion, planning, floral, music and more, who can help you have that awesome day you deserve.

— We resolve to keep finding snarky things to say about the way brides over 35 are depicted in movies, TV and pop culture at large.

— We resolve to remain open to suggestion, sweet criticism and gifts of love and cash.

Here’s to a happy 2011 full of pretty flowers, happy dances and the promise that neither love or weddings have an age limit.


Lynne and Leslie

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