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Real wedding of the day: Hawaiian Elvis church nups in Louisiana!

by SweetMidlife

Here at Bride at 35, we’re a big fan of doing you. If you want Rockettes as bridesmaids, kick it out. If you want all of your attendants dressed as members of the combined casts of “The Love Boat” and “B.J. and the Bear,” you hire that monkey and have your brother start working on his Isaac the bartender “Right back atcha!” fingers.

And if you are rabid Elvis fans like this couple from Louisiana and your budget and your church will allow you to stage a “Blue Hawaii”-themed wedding with island-dressed attendants, a King impersonator crooning and peanut butter and banana cupcakes (SCORE!), we’re all about it.

We usually preface statements like that with “…as long as it’s tasteful,” but who’s to say what tasteful means? (Well, we are, but don’t quote us on that). We are sure that we did stuff at our weddings that some people would think were tacky (Say it isn’t so!) And according to those stuffy sites that annoyed us into starting this one in the first place, having an army of attendants and making a huge formal thing of our weddings at our age wasn’t expected.

So we say that if you can’t help falling in love, no use crying in the chapel! Put on your blue suede heels and head to the Heartbreak Hotel (which, incidentally, is the Memphis resort at Graceland where this couple is spending their honeymoon). We’re so happy for them! And although we know that nobody does newspaper stories on stuff like this unless someone thinks its at best different and at worst weird, we celebrate the funny-cool opportunity to present your love in the way that makes you happiest. If the church is cool with it, then everyone else should be.

Save us a cupcake!

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