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Britney Spears, Today’s Bride at 30

by SweetMidlife

Our featured bride today is a few years under our designated age group, but I thought it was appropriate to include her because hers is definitely a story of maturity and trying to get it right this time.  I’m talking about Britney Spears, pop darling, tabloid staple, hopefully former hot mess, and future bride!! Britney recently got engaged to her former manager, Jason Trawick, and looks really, really happy.   This will be her third wedding; her first was in Vegas to a childhood friend and that union lasted 55 hours. The second was to her former back-up dancer Kevin Federline, father of her 2 kids. During and after that marriage is when Britney seemed to have a mental breakdown, and did all sorts of unstable things.  A judge even gave her father control of her personal affairs when it seemed as if she couldn’t handle it herself. But then she seemed to turn a corner. She revitalized her career, fell in love and recently, her dad asked the judge to end the conservatorship so that she can regain control of her fortunes.  He says it’s a wedding gift! And I say good for her. I have to admit that I watched her breakdown from afar and shook my head, and I really should have been praying for her.  I think that it takes a big person to look at their life and see that there is no way it can continue on the road that it’s going, then make the necessary changes.  Here’s hoping that this new marriage will be a new start for Miss Brittney, and that her life will continue to go up and up and up.

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