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Blaze Bands Reflective Wristbands: Comfy and Stylish and Safe

by SweetMidlife

Hi! It’s Lynne!

When we first agreed that we would review Blaze Bands Reflective Wristbands, I had the perfect idea for how to try them out. See, I was planning on returning to running after taking a break to rest my right knee, which I injured a few years ago while training for a race. I figured that I would go out for a run, and try out these wristbands, which are bright and shiny and designed to keep you visible to vehicles and such while you are outside doing stuff.

Then I found out that I had arthritis in that knee. So there went the plan. And I sulked for a bit.

But then once I got over myself, I remembered (Duh) that there are so many things that you can do outside, like walk. Now, to do this, I have to go out early before my husband leaves for work so our toddler can still sleep, and this means being out by myself while the sun is still coming up. This can be a bit scary, because sometimes people out that early are just waking up and aren’t really on the lookout for runners and walkers and the like. So these wristbands came in handy. Handy. You wear them on your hands. See what I did there?

Anyway, I got up a few weeks ago, post-dawn, strapped on my shiny bands, and walked 3 miles, much of that on a street that doesn’t have sidewalks the whole way, and forces one to walk or run or bike in the bike lane. I have to say, that the Blaze Bands really gave me peace of mind that people could see me. They are fluorescent yellow, and they stand out so that oncoming cars can see you. They are also very light and comfortable, and not bulky like wearing a reflective jacket. I actually almost forgot that I was wearing them. People say that all of the time, but I am serious. Well, I remembered when I looked down at my wrists and saw shiny things. But really not until then.

I highly recommend the Blaze Bands for anyone who spends time outside and needs to be seen: walkers, bikers, joggers, dog-walkers, gardeners, even kids. Of course you need to use your own common sense and comfort when you decide to be out when it’s not as bright. But these are a great companion if you are! Buy them here.

Disclosure: We were provided a pair of Blaze Bands for free to try out and review, but this review is our honest opinion. 


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