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Be a Better (Spouse/Friend): So You’ll Have to Say You Love Them With a Song

by SweetMidlife

Hey, Lynne here. People spend lots of money on things that say they care. Like flowers, and candy, and dinner, and jewelry, and mashed potatoes. Well, the last one is what my husband buys me for a treat, because I am down with the spuds.  And all of these things rock, but there is a fun, fun creative way to say what you need to say, and it’s free! And I am always down with free.  Say it with a song!! Most people love music, and it touches people in a way that few other things do. It can help bring back memories, invoke a mood, and communicate your sentiments with the help of professional songwriters!  So, here’s what we suggest…..

You could:

A.  Pick up a phone, wait for your sweetie or friend or parent-type person to pick up, and sing a song that it special to you two, or has special meaning for them.  Like maybe it was your first dance at your wedding, or the song you used to ride around to in high school, or it’s your the song your Mom sang to you and your sister when you were kids. It could be anything. And who cares if you can’t sing?  This is about the feeling, and heartfelt caterwauling is better than perfect pitch belting with no oomph or warmth.  


B. Get all fancy with it and go to You Tube, find the perfect song, and share it on the person’s Facebook page, or send it in an e-mail.  You get the music, plus something to look at.  And seriously, if someone sent me, let’s say, the video to “The Right Stuff” by New Kids on The Block”, how much MORE fun would it be to have the video too, so you can so the dance along with it!!

So, think about what that special person means to you, brainstorm what song matches that, and go with the feeling and get your music on.  And hey, if you try this, we would love to hear what song you picked, and how it went. Happy music-ing!!

3 Responses to “Be a Better (Spouse/Friend): So You’ll Have to Say You Love Them With a Song”

  1. vixn@earthlink.net' Paige says:

    Hmm, well let me think… You sang the first song at my wedding. You already know all of the horrible 80’s songs we used to ride around to in high school. The song my mom sang to me was the theme from the Mary Tyler Moore show. I TOTALLY remember the song your mom sang to you and your sister when you were kids (“You’re a genie in disguise…”). And I can certainly carry a tune in a bucket but it doesn’t hold a candle to you and Lelu. I leave the heartfelt caterwauling to, well, the cats. If I sent you the Chazman’s crew vid of “The Right Stuff” by New Kids on The Block, you’d lose your proverbial lunch! LOL Let’s face it, you know all of the special people that mean something to me personally (Chaz, you, Lelu, Marcella,Tate, Kirby, my wonder twin Jen Carter-Smith, et. al.); geez, the songs that match them are legion and the feelings likewise….

  2. bride35 says:

    Aww, sweetie, you made me cry, because you knew EXACTLY who I was talking about when I mentioned car-singing. I always think of us riding down 33rd Street, singing the ending high notes of that “When I’m With You” song, when he says “When I’m with you-ooh-ooh-ooh-OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH”, and he’s holding that note, and we can’t breathe because we are laughing so hard. We should record all of the goofy stuff we used to do. Ooh, or maybe we should not. And the Mommy-song. Music holds so many memories, and I am so glad that you are a part of them, and a part of my life.

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