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Are You Traveling Yet? Your Forties are the Best Time to Travel!: Guest Post by Brent Jackson

by SweetMidlife

Hi! Lynne here! We are so pleased to have a guest post from Brent Jackson, a fellow Maryland blogger who writes about travel. Here, he tells you all the reasons why your 40s are a wonderful time to pack a suitcase and start seeing new places. 

Brent Jackson Guest Post

By Brent Jackson

Some of my friends have traveled all their lives. They started as kids with their parents and never stopped. It’s wonderful if you’re in this group. Keep traveling! Your forties will add new travel experiences for you.

Other people never travel or stop traveling while they’re young. If you’re in this group, keep reading! Your forties are a great time to start traveling!

Do you know what happens in your forties? Your forties are the comfort years. Most of you are done going through school, finding a career and building a family. You may still be climbing the corporate ladder but hopefully, you’re at a good resting point. Things start to slow down by the time you’re in your forties.

Now I’m not saying all the battles stop and life becomes easy. I’m saying wisdom starts to kick in at full force and (hopefully) those battles are easier to fight and take up less time. You know what you like and you know how you want to spend your time. You’re more comfortable with yourself and so … the comfort years. Don’t pull out the easy chair now that you’re in your comfort years. Now’s the time to travel!

There’s an old saying, “People wait all week for Friday, all year for summer, and all their life for happiness … I travel!”

Here’s one more saying, “Travel is getting to know yourself by facing new experiences.”

Let’s count the benefits. You have more money in your forties. Traveling is far less stressful when you have a bigger budget. You have more control of your schedule. You’re not battling school, work and young kids so you can plan a last minute trip. If you still have young kids at home, no problem! There are mobile apps, websites and podcasts with plenty of ideas for traveling with kids. Lastly, you stop waiting for Friday, summer and happiness. Happiness just becomes natural the moment you get in your car, get on the boat or get off the plane. (It works for trains too.)

Need more? Here’s the best reason to travel in your forties … MEMORIES!!! You’re in the perfect position to get out there and build memories! You’re in your forties. Long walks are ok. Climbing steps are ok. Long drives are ok. Everything you will face as a traveler is easy in your forties. Years from now, you’re decide to step back from traveling and you’ll have all those memories! I promise, that’s happiness.

Travel does not have to be a big thing. Some people save up all year for one big trip. STOP THAT! Experienced travelers do smaller trips more often. My wife and I take a day or weekend trip every six weeks. We like to explore small towns with a highly rated bed & breakfast. You meet some really friendly people in small towns. I have friends who travel to weekend festivals every month. The best parts of America can be found in its festivals. I have another friend who travels bi-monthly with his girlfriend. They look online for cheap tickets. They can usually find 2 or 3 cities available for under $99 one-way. They pick the city farthest away (unless they’ve already been there), buy the tickets and book a room. Be creative. You have many options to travel!

Still thinking about it? STOP THAT! … GO! … Travel!

Brent Jackson lives in Fairfax, VA and blogs at Maryland Travel Stories. Follow him on Twitter or Pinterest .


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