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A Bride35 Quiz: Favors or Flowers?

by SweetMidlife

During the “Platinum Wedding” era, which I think we’re beginning to edge out of because a lot of us brides are now more hundredaires than millionaires, the prevailing wisdom in some circles was that you should spend a major part of your budget on flowers. Also, you had to have crazy inventive personalized favors for your guests, even if they were gonna go “Oh look! A personalized plate!” and then chuck it in the backseat.

Since we’re all about the truth here at Bride35, we want to know – If you have only a certain amount of cash, would you rather skimp on flowers or favors? (Of course, you don’t have to splurge on either – Leslie spent a total of $200 on flowers, including her bouquet from a local farmer’s market and Costco centerpieces). Which would you choose?

4 Responses to “A Bride35 Quiz: Favors or Flowers?”

  1. hpindell@yahoo.com' Heidi Reed says:

    I am an almost double bride at 35 (I was 34 and 3/4 at my first wedding). For the first wedding, we were married at the Signature Grand in Davie and they had an in house florist who gave us a great deal on flowers and I love flowers, so we used them. I was not going to have favors, because of the toss it in the back seat factor, but then my beloved very Italian Mother-in -law felt we should and gifted us favors of little baskets of Jordan Almonds with ribbons with our names, which surprisingly, after my husband died 7 months later became a beloved memento for me.

    The second time, 3 years later, I decided some favors would be nice, but we were doing a budget wedding, so I went low tech and had a favor making night a couple of nights before the wedding with my Mom, my new sister-in-law and new nieces. We put a few pretty colored Hershey’s Kisses (bought at Easter and frozen for the July wedding) in a plastic spoon, wrapped a tulle circle over them and tied them with ribbons with our name. I ordered tulle and ribbons from a catalog and the whole deal was less than 50 dollars. On that wedding, we were lucky, my Mom and I made bridal gown and bridesmaid dresses and Mother-in-law #2 made beautiful silk flower arrangements for the wedding party and made the cake too, yummy.


  2. kbritto@juno.com' Kathleen says:

    I’d go with flowers, and maybe let some of the guests take home the centerpieces by putting a sticky note under the winners’ chairs. Another idea I like is, instead of favors, giving a rose to all the women in attendance.

  3. kspireoh@yahoo.com' Kimberley says:

    I am going an alternate route and making the bouquet for my retro-themed wedding out of old brooches, ribbon, and lace. Flowers are beautiful, but I remember my first time around being dismayed that the gorgeous roses, Casablanca lilies, and denrobium orchids in my bouquet wilted before the end of the day–and were not at all salvageable to make the dried arrangement I had hoped for. I like the idea of creating something that I can keep, or pass on, that combines old and new.

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